Where Do You Fit in On New Year Resolutions?

We are a few months into 2020. This usually is when resolutions begin to fade. There are many reasons this can happen. They are picking a resolution that is too big, making it hard to stick with. We need to start small sometimes and then build to the bigger ones. Or was it hard, and there was a lack of motivation? Many things can affect how we follow through. Finder has done some statistics for the popular resolutions and how well people have kept them.   

Top Resolutions

It does not surprise us that the top resolution is always a health-related one. This could be losing weight or making healthier meal choices. Finder’s survey reported that 39% of Americans have this resolution. Coming in second resolutions that revolve around money. Spending less saving more to making more money is what 29% of Americans are trying. Self-improvement comes in third and is pretty open-ended. There are endless options in this category that 31% of Americans claim to be doing. 

Who Makes Resolutions

Of those that Finder surveyed, more men were going to try and tackle a new year resolution. Their report showed that there is a 7% gap between men and women. Looking at which generation is more goal-oriented, millennials care coming out strong. Out of Millennials asked, 87% said they made a resolution. The Gen X generation was at 69%. And Baby Boomers pulling in the last place at 47% waiting to attempt a new year’s resolution. Male Millennials are putting us all the to shame this year.


It’s hard to believe people are thinking they are going to fail before even starting. Are they realists, or pessimists? Resolution makers seem to be mostly optimistic. Of those that have a goal, 44% believe they will achieve it no problem. There are 50% that aren’t that confident but still think it is possible to attain. Only a slim percentage feel they have no hope, 6%. They might as well not even start. Your mindset can stand in the way of you achieving your dreams.

Excuses, Excuses

Now that we are a few months into the new year, we are seeing the resolutions falling to the wayside. The gyms that were packed in January finally have some elbow room. The fast-food shops are filling back up now that all the healthy eaters are off the wagon. The common excuse in all generations is that they do not have the will power to keep to it. The most popular among all ages is that they just got too lazy to keep it up.

It’s not too late to evaluate yourself and start again. Just because they call them new year’s resolutions doesn’t mean we have to wait for next year. This survey shows us all the things to avoid. Why not set up a new month’s resolution? And just in case we may want to get another ready for the following month.

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