Working from home is becoming very common. For some, this may be the ideal situation. For those with families, especially young children, it can be the hardest aspect of their job. Trying to focus on work tasks with kids running around is impossible. Merging your home life and work like is going to take organization and compromise. Check out these great tips from those that have been where you are. Find the perfect ideas to make working from home with children work for your family.


Schedules are essential, whether you are working at an office or home. Being home means you need to have plans not only for yourself but for your children. Once the routine is set, it will be easier for everyone to accomplish all the tasks they need each day. Aha Parenting shows that there are other benefits to establishing a routine, other than working in peace. Children with routines feel more secure. When they know what is going to happen, it makes them feel more content. It can also help teach children to have self-discipline.  


Every parent knows that if kids feel like they have nothing to do, their first thought is to tell them. This will be very frustrating as you are trying to focus and complete your work assignments. Having your train of thought interrupted repeatedly will take you double or triple the time it would have at the office. Get activities set up ahead of time. has a list of thirty activities that kids can easily accomplish on their own. Set up kits in an easily accessible space, so that you are not needed to get them out.

Work from home

Door Signs

To be successful in having work time at home, you need a system to let your family know your availability. One idea that is being advertised is the door signs. Have a color-coded system you can put on your office door that lets others know if you can be interrupted or if they need to wait. A simple red sign green sign is a great start. One parent’s method that went viral was published in She had levels to the sign letting her children know if they could interrupt and the level of importance needed.

Accept Imperfection

There will be many times that things do not go perfectly. Accepting instead of stewing over theses occurrences will make all the difference. When you come out of your office to toys everywhere and a mess to clean up, instead of getting angry, be thankful you were able to finish your work tasks. Make a game of cleaning. When your work call gets interrupted, laugh at the situation, and work through it. Imperfection happens. We get to decide how we handle it.

What works for one family may not work for another. Find your perfect method that balances your family’s time, and remember that nothing will be perfect.

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