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When we are in elementary school, we all want to be the most unrealistic things. The genuine desire to be a princess and superhero begins to fade as we age. Then we have to start looking at our passions and talents. Hopefully, landing on an attainable career path. And then there are times when you end up having to take what is available. Even if it is not ideal. There are a lot of factors that come into play here. Here are a few studies that have looked at these issues.


Where we grow up and the culture we are surrounded by can mold us. A Harris Poll Survey showed just that. A survey of top professions was given eight to twelve-year-olds in China, America, and The United Kingdom. The United Kingdom and America had the same top five in the same order. The top pick was to become a You Tuber/Vlogger. After they decided it would be alright to be a teacher, professional athlete, or musician. The last on their list was an astronaut. China had a different set of priorities. At the top of their list was to be an astronaut. After that came to teach just like the others. Musician, professional athlete, and a vlogger came in last.


Every job requires different skills or education. Without them, it’s impossible to be considered for the position. GBC-Education and Deloitte Global wanted to know more about the barriers that prevented young adults from getting into their chosen careers. They surveyed five hundred youth between the ages of fifteen and twenty-nine to find out how they felt. Among those, 39% felt that their education systems did not prepare them correctly. They also asked them about how hard it was to get the education needed. There were 52% that felt they could not find the opportunities to attain the necessary skills. Not being able to afford it financially is what another 50% reported. Finding the right experience and education is essential. More opportunities need to be available to those stills in school to prepare them better for the workforce.


There is always a list of jobs that are continually looking for more employees. There is a trend of careers that each generation flocks to. If the two lists don’t match up, there could be a lot of people fighting for a few positions. Workforce GPS gave a survey to 150,000 students in 8th through 12th grade. They asked them what career they wanted. The list started with a nurse. Then it took a turn into the arts with musician, actor, and artist. Another two mentioned was a professional athlete and an athletic trainer. According to a study, only those that wanted to become a nurse will easily find a job. A registered nurse is the top in-demand job, and will probably continue to be a highly needed position.

Aligning your location, education, and your chosen field may be a lifelong journey. It will be worth it.

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