Working from home has so many benefits and freedoms those going to the office do not. The first being that there is no one to dress to impress. Getting to roll out a bed and start working can be such a free and exciting feeling in the beginning. Once the excitement wears off, it could be the worst thing for you. Having the right attire when working from home will make a massive difference on your working from home experience.


Wearing pajamas tells your body that it is time to relax and go to sleep. That is not the message that you want to be telling yourself while trying to make progress on work. Just like we would not feel right pulling up to the gym in a suit. Changing our clothes to fit the occasion will alter our attitude to match it. Dress like you are ready to do work and watch all that you accomplish.


Unless you work for yourself, there are times you have to talk to the boss. It would be very unprofessional to video chat in your pajamas. While you may not have to worry about wearing the perfect pair of pants, your top half needs to be dressed appropriately. Even if it is just for the call’s length, you need to have some clothes ready. After the meeting, it is up to you how long your attire will stay on. Invest in some nice wrinkle-free shirts that are easy to maintain for those times you need to look presentable.

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Getting out of your comfortable pajamas doesn’t mean you have to put on uncomfortable clothes. Work from home clothes do not need to be the most fashionable. Unless you find joy in being the most stylish person in your living room, try to find comfortable pieces. You will look forward to putting on clothes that make you feel good. Nayked Apparel has some great men’s shirts that will make going to work at home ideal. For women, American Eagle makes the best jeggings. You may be tempted to sleep in them.


Wearing light layers is excellent advice when packing for a trip and a great idea for working from home. You don’t want to get too hot or cold when trying to complete a project. When in an office, you don’t have the luxury of going to change your clothes. At home, you will know that you can pick something else anytime. This could be a huge distraction. Plan your outfit with a few layers. This way, you will be prepared. Keep your second layer close by in your work area to save time wandering around the house. It will help you from getting distracted by other projects around your home.

Pajamas are the best thing for you when it is time to sleep. Get the most out of your work hours by dressing the part. Find the perfect work attire to keep you working at your highest level.

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