Every company has a department working on its newest survey to send our way. These are the emails we get after purchases or the link they point out on the bottom of our receipts. In the busy world that we live in, we ignore, throw away and delete these just as fast as we get them. Should we be so quick to pass over them, or should we take the time to respond? If we want products and services to improve, we should reply. Survey results are a business’s report card. Without it, nothing will change.

Be Heard

Let your voice be heard by responding to a survey. Nothing will change unless people are willing to speak up. A company needs these responses to see the pattern of where they are failing and places to improve. If everyone stays quiet and throws away the survey, they will never see it. On a personal point, it feels good to release and speak your real thoughts. While it is never good to be rude, tactfully telling the truth is beneficial to all.

New Ideas

Customers are the ones that are using items on a possibly daily basis. We will notice ways from improvement before salespeople. Salespeople are taught to promote all the right parts and overlook anything that it lacks. Providing feedback on how it could improve could spark a company’s need to make a new, better product. They are too close at times to see how changes could be made. Fresh eyes are needed to make real change.


Phone surveys are something you should never ignore. Unlike an online survey, you are connected to a person for that company directly. Answer their questions and then take the time to discuss the product with them. If you have had any bad experiences share them. Letting them know is the only way a solution will be made. You will find that if you share any negative experiences, they will try and make it right, whether that is a voucher or some free products. Either way, you will see nothing if you don’t take the time to express your feelings to them.


There are many sites out there that you can go to take surveys for a few dollars. If you have time for this, then you could make a little money. Check the fine print on the surveys that you get while shopping. Many companies are trying to get responses by offering small bonuses to convince us to spend the time. A free item or a percentage off our next order is common. Take advantage of these. Especially if it is a business that you go to often, loyalty will always pay off. Make your favorite companies better and get something for yourself as well.

Surveys are being thrown at us left and right. Don’t let all that influence go into the trash. Let your voice and ideas be heard. Without it, there will be no change.

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