Think about the last time you were rushing out of the store. The last thing the cashier will say while handing you the receipt is about the survey on the bottom of it. They also try and add an incentive of a chance of winning a giveaway. Most of the time, we smile and say thank you. Then that piece of paper is lost at the bottom of our car. A survey may seem like an annoyance, but companies need our help.

The Numbers

Companies can read complaints that get sent in, but they can’t use just those to invoke change. Stories can help sell a point. Without the numbers to back them up, they can easily be brushed away. Surveys allow businesses to get numbers to show that the majority of their customers feel the same way. With the numbers, they can make decisions to better their products. And that will help us in the long run.


Survey Monkey, one of the top sites for creating surveys, relayed the importance of benchmarks. Companies will send out the same basic questionnaire many times. They don’t do this because they can’t think of anything better to ask.  They are looking to see if the trends are changing. Our opinions will change over time as our lifestyle changes. Businesses can use this to try and better reach our needs.

Survey on phone


Almost all survey begins by asking personal questions. These questions can make some people feel uncomfortable, but they aren’t trying to steal your information. It helps companies understand the type of people that love their products. It can also show where they are lacking. When they see the holes, they can work on products to reach those markets. Knowing this essential information will help them to serve every demographic. 

Fresh Eyes

There are problem that you just cant figure out. No matter how long you try the soultion is not clear. Bringing in new eyes can help you see something that was right in front of you. We have great eyes since we are the ones they are trying to sell too. Businesses may not always agree with the changes we would make. But surveys make it possible for them to get fresh eyes and fresh suggestions.


If the owner of a company asked me in person if I liked their products, I would say yes. There may be some willing to have an awkward conversation. But most people would avoid and just give neutral or positive responses. Being this way is not what companies need to improve. Surveys provide us a way to tell businesses what we think. Honesty will give their company a better chance of succeeding. Without hearing the criticism, they cant improve.

Ignoring the surveys from the stores that you love will hurt them. Helping companies that sell us the products we love is a great way to improve the things we need. Never throw away a survey opportunity.

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