Working from home will take a toll on your mental health. The first week or so, it is new and exciting. The freedom to stay away from the office is exhilarating. As time goes on, all we see are the same four walls every day. The happiness we once felt starts to disappear. Keeping the motivation to get our work done can be hard when this begins to happen. Finding ways to nurture our mental health when working from home is important. Try some of these ideas to get your motivation and excitement of working from home back.

Set Your Alarm

Setting a schedule while at home is one of the best things you can do to stay motivated. You can never be late to work when working from home, but it doesn’t mean you should wait till you feel like it. Have a set time that you are going to get up and get going, don’t wait till you wake up on your own. Starting on work when you feel like it will lead to you getting behind and feeling unprepared. Motivation will slip away if you fall into that rut. Get up early and start your day off the right way.

Perfect Workplace

Set up the perfect workplace indoors and outdoors. A dark corner that you dread going to sit will not be a place you look forward to going. Find a well-lighted spot in your home that you enjoy being. It should not be where you sleep or watch T.V. Those distractions will make it hard to start in the right headspaces to get your work completed. Outside is also a great place to work. If possible, try working from outside a few hours a day. Get some fresh air and a little sun to pick up your spirits and keep you motivated.

Notebook with Goals

Physical Exercise 

Living a sedentary lifestyle is not suitable for your physical or mental well-being. Taking care of yourself as a whole is essential, you can’t just focus on one area. If you are one that does not love the gym, you don’t have to go there. Many programs can be done at home for every level. Beach Body has something for everyone, and you can even try it for free. A program from home can feel like a lot to someone that hasn’t done it before. Start with just heading out for a walk once or twice a day. Any exercise at all is a great place to start. 

Accomplish List

It is easy to list all the things that did not get done. This type of thinking will only make you feel down and make you less motivated. Instead, look at all the tasks you were able to mark off your to-do list. Hopefully, seeing that list will make you feel great about all that you do each day. 

Stay motivated by setting the perfect schedule to take care of your mental and physical well-being.

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