The point of our lives is not just to work. We need to have joy. If you are not finding happiness in your day, then you are doing it wrong. It does not always happen as quickly as we all feel that it should. We all know that it is worth it.  Here are some tips to get you started on finding joy even when you are stuck in your routine.

Stop Waiting

We have all used the excuse that things will be better once we achieve our next goal. The promotion will bring happiness into our life. Finishing a degree and landing the dream job is when we will have all the joy we deserve. Stop this type of thinking. There is no need to wait to be happy. Choose to find enjoyment in your life right now. There will always be another goal or something just out of reach. You will be waiting your whole life for the perfect situation to be happy. Do it now!


Take an honest self-assessment. You know yourself better than anyone. Just as you would check in with those you supervise, check-in with yourself. There are many assessments out there to get you started. The Berkeley Well-Being Institute has a well-being quiz available this could be a jumping-off point to get you started. See where you land. It will give you an idea of what your next step should be. Continue to interview yourself over time to see your progress. 


Joy Journal

Start and end your day with good thoughts. It’s not enough to only think about them. Get a journal to records your happy thoughts. The process of writing and being able to go back will benefit you. Start your day with things you are looking forward too. It will give you the boost of happiness to get you out the door. At the end of the day record, more things that gave you joy throughout the day. Putting attention on everything that brings up happiness will make it increase, and the bad things seem smaller. 


Our minds are a powerful thing. Many cultures support the use of a Mantra. A mantra is a saying that you will memorize and think to yourself during meditation. Over time it is said to change your thought process. Find the perfect happiness mantra and settle into a comfy position. It could become your favorite part of the day. When your daily life starts getting you down, your mantra will be there to help brighten your day.  The Little Pine has 99 mantra examples to get you started.


Always make the time to celebrate. No matter how big or small it is worth happiness being created. Did you meet a goal at work? Invite your coworkers out to celebrate it. You will find that people are always looking for a reason to celebrate. Keep it more personal by getting your favorite meal or treat.

Start today to find more joy!

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