Energy Drinks: What to Drink and Why

Getting out of the bed in the morning is not the easiest thing some mornings. Our first thought is usually to get a drink. Most have their preferred way of getting some caffeine in their veins. Whether its morning, noon or before a night out they give us the kick we need.

Why Drink

Energy drinks are being consumed by all age groups. A survey showed that 27% of high school students are drinking them regularly. College students responded to a survey asking why they used energy drinks. They could mark multiple reasons. Lack of sleep was given by 67% of them. Around the same amount also said to increase their overall energy. A surprising 54% said that they drank with their alcohol. Talk about a shock to your system.  


Being a follower is okay when trying an energy drink. The most popular energy drink would not have reached the top if it wasn’t worth trying. Statista looked at the 2019 sales on many different energy drinks in the U.S. They found that the top choice was Red Bull by a significant amount. Monster drinks come in second. The third and fourth place are other versions of Red Bull and Monster. We don’t see new blood until you get to slot five where the Bang comes in. The last few on the list are again variations of Monster and Red Bull. It looks like we can’t go wrong with one of those. If you are feeling like being adventurous, try a Bang.


From the 2019 sales, we can see that Bang energy drinks are popular. It does not reflect how quickly it is occurring. They are a newer drink on the market and have become a hot commodity almost overnight. Information Resource Inc. also looked at the sales and compared them to the year prior. They also found that Red Bull and Monster outsold Bang. Bang did have the most substantial growth from the previous year. Red Bull’s percent change ranged from 0.3% to 10%. Monster did not do as well, their percent change ranging from -8.4% to 6.4%. Bang is in another league. They increased by 699%. Can you imagine what their sales are going to look like next year if they continue at that rate?


If you looked up a health study, it might scare you away for trying any energy drink. Make sure to take a look at all of the ingredients before deciding. A survey given to college students gives an idea of the side effects felt. Energy drinks will provide you with a rush of energy, and 29% reported that they had crash episodes after. Other side effects included headaches by 22% and heart palpitations by 19%. If you have any underlying condition, talking to a doctor is a good idea.

Are energy drinks something that you need in your life? They can be a great way to get moving.

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