Working from home for the first time can be a weird experience. In an office, there is always noise. You learn to work with the little distractions that come with an office. Coworkers are talking or making noise as they move around the office. Printers and keyboards are always clanking. At home, the silence can be odd and hard to get used to. You can do some things to help stay motivated amongst the quiet and some things that you should not do.

No T.V.

The first mistake that everyone working from home makes is to try and work with the T.V. on. We try and tell ourselves that we just a little background noise. The next thing we know, we are starting at a show and having made no progress on our assignments. It is not possible to stay focused with the lights and sounds from the T.V. It is made to draw your attention. Keep it off and reward yourself with an episode after completing your tasks for the day.

Quiet Zone

If you live with others, silence may be hard to find. The only problem with their chatter is that it will not be work-related. If you can hear others with devices going or loud conversations, you will be tempted to join. Create a zone in the house that is off-limits during the hours you choose to work. It is a place where you can close off and put a door between you and the rest of the house. It may not be possible to block out all the noise, but if you reduce proximity, it will help you avoid distractions.

Woman at desk


There are times when complete silence can benefit your work performance, and there are times when you can afford to have a little distraction. The radio is a great option to add some background noise. It won’t draw your eyes away from your computer but give you a break from the silence. Sitting in silence for eight hours a day is not going to help anyone’s morale. Having an enjoyable workspace is essential as well. 

Noise Machine

Is a radio playing softly in the background still too much distraction? Do you find yourself singing along to all the songs that come on? A sound machine may be another option to block out any noise from the rest of the house. Amazon has many options to fit your needs. You will easily find a machine that makes a sound you will be able to work too. Whether you need a break from the silence or block out noise, a noise machine is a home office must.

We all need to give our minds a break from all the noise and times when the silence has to end. There are right and wrong ways to fill that silence during your working hours. Don’t allow yourself to get too distracted from your tasks.

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