Working from home is not an excuse to give up on your appearance and stay in your pajamas all day. It can be easy to justify not getting ready if you are at home and have no zoom meetings to attend. If you’re the only person going to see you, what does it matter? It matters because how we see ourselves can affect our work ethic. When we put in the effort, we will be more likely to succeed in our tasks that day and be less lazy. Here are some simple ideas to make you feel good without going overboard.

Tinted Moisturizer

Working from home shouldn’t end up with you never leaving your home. Without a little sun, you may start to be scared to look in the mirror. A full face of makeup is not what we are recommending. Try some tinted moisturizer. There is no need to go full glam, but it will help even out of skin tone and give you extra confidence. A tinted hydrating gel cream from bareMinerals is a popular option. Not only will you look good, but it will also give your skin a little boost and make you feel great.

Easy Hairstyles

Having our hair done is an excellent way to feel put together and ready to tackle the day. Just like we don’t need a full face of makeup, there is no need to have a fancy hairstyle to work at home. The RealSimple website has come up with 15 hairstyles that you can do in one minute. They provide options for those with long and short hair. Such great ideas to help you feel good about your appearance without taking up too much time. Messy hair is not productive hair.

Working from home

No Pajamas

Pajamas are made to help us relax and fall asleep. That is not what we should be doing when working. It may be very tempting to stay in our comfy pajamas all day, but it will not help us feel motivated. There needs to be a distinction between sleepwear and workwear, even when we never leave the house. Work from home clothes do not need to be what you would wear in an office. Comfort is still key, just not too comfortable that you end up napping in your workspace.


A fantastic mascara to play up your eyes will have you wanting to stare in the mirror. Mascara should be our go-to everyday make up, it doesn’t clog our pores or make our skin feel unclean. It is okay to dress up a little for ourselves. Elle has created a list of the top mascaras depending on the type of lashes you are trying to achieve. Pick a few. Get a mascara for your stay at home life and your date night life.

Look good while working from home. Working from home is not an excuse to let yourself go. Dress up for yourself. You deserve it!

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