China’s Youth Vs. America’s Youth

The youth of every country is our future. Before long, they will be the ones leading. What they believe gives us an idea of where the nations will be headed. Studies have been done over the years to get an idea of how the youth feel. One done covered issues between China and America. Western Kentucky University published an in-depth look at these. Here are some interesting points they made. 


Are we enemies, or are you, friends? A critical question to ask. The cooperation between the countries could change drastically if they don’t both agree on their relationship. They asked if they were partners, enemies of neither. The most significant responses from both groups voted for neither. That’s better than believing the countries are enemies. The youth of American had 36% feel that they are partners, and 15% considered to be enemies. China’s youth had the same trend. But when asked who they felt their countries enemies were, China’s youth made us rethink those results. There was 58% of them name America as their enemy, followed by 32% saying Japan.


Military would not be necessary if we felt completely safe. America and China felt the same that there is a need for the Military. China was the most pessimistic, with 84% thinking that is was very likely that another country would use military force against them. The youth of America is slightly more secure. They reported that 46% felt that another country would use military force. With 32% feeling, it was very unlikely and 22% unsure. America’s youth seem to feel safer than their Chinese counterparts.

Economic Cooperation

The countries could decide to work together more. To avoid any problems that would take Military involvement. The youth were asked how they felt about increasing the cooperation between their countries. When it came to enhancing economic cooperation, both felt strongly that they should. America at 56% and China feeling even more forceful about it at 82%. The youth of American had a good-sized group of 26% undecided, and the remaining 18% disagree. China had almost the same amount; 12 % disagree with having more economic cooperation.

Military Cooperation

When it came to increasing military cooperation, the youth did not agree. China’s youth felt very strongly at 71% that they should cooperate more. A small portion of only 22% of China’s youth disagreed. American youth felt the opposite. Only 33% said that they should increase their military cooperation. Most of America’s youth at 43% strongly disagreed with trying to build military cooperation. It makes you wish they had a follow-up question to know what their reasoning was.

The youth of both countries had a good idea of what was important to them. They also agreed on many points. The issues they disagreed on are the ones we should keep an eye on. To see how it affects the future. Check out the full study on Western Kentucky University to see more insights.

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