Working from home is a reality for many people. While the work may be the same, the available snacks are now very different. Unlike the office, your whole kitchen is at your disposal. All your favorite treats are just a few steps away. This can lead to a lot of damage to our waistlines. Self-control may not be enough to resist. Try some of these inventive ideas to stop yourself from taking too many trips to the kitchen.

Don’t Buy It

The best way to not eat junk food is not to have it in the house in the first place. When you know that there is no secret candy cupboard to sneak off to, you won’t go. When you do get hungry, you will have a fridge full of healthy choices. When you have a craving, you should go out for some of your favorite comfort food. Everyone needs a cheat day. That day just shouldn’t be every day. Keep the junk food out of the house, and your body will thank you.

Meal Prep

Meal prepping may seem like a huge time commitment, but it doesn’t have to be. Spend an afternoon getting all your meals ready for the week and enjoy the time of not cooking the rest of the week. With meals and snacks prepared to go, hunger won’t be a problem. Instead of reaching for an easy snack, you can grab a healthy meal. These meal prep containers from Comfy Package are the ideal solution. They have the perfect sized compartments, are reusable and stackable. They fit together perfectly so they won’t spill in your fridge or lunch box.

Schedule It

You cannot leave whenever you want to go eat at an office and set the same requirements at home. Have set times that you are going to take a break. Only allow yourself to eat at those times. Scheduling when we are going to eat our meals is a great way to control how much we consume. If you have not set a plan, you will take more snack breaks than you intended. Not only will it be bad for your health, but it will also decrease your work performance.

Food Journal

Many doctors will give you this advice when wanting to lose weight or improve your eating habits. Write down everything that you eat. Piedmont Healthcare has a list of all the benefits that come with a food journal. It seems simple you have to record everything you eat and how much. Some take it a step further and add the calories, proteins, how they felt, and amount of exercise that day. Seeing all the snack breaks on paper is a great way to discourage excessive eating. Give it a try, and you may find yourself improving your health more than just cutting our extra snacks.

Working from home has many positive aspects. Turn your kitchen into another one of its perks rather than a negative.

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